Monday, October 18, 2010

My Whole World

I know I am incredibly behind on blogging.
I just cant seem to find any time these days to sit down and post!
So for now you will probably just get post full of pictures simply bc I dont have time to sit down and put my brain to work and write stuff. lol

I have been so blessed to be able to work with these two girls as Yearbook Editors with me.
(At a recent yearbook conference we went to with our adviser Mrs Springer)
Fishing with Kyle. :)
My Senior parking spot

Me and my friends at the Apopka ESPN2 game

I love my little twin Abbey! :)

Again I love my editors! They are the best! :)
(Taken at the NHS induction)


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Precious Memories

This one is for my Grandpa who I love so very much! :)
My life for the past 17 years has been filled with countless memories at my Grandpa's house sharing laughter and love. I have always looked forward to the Sunday afternoons at Grandpa and Grandma's house every week.

One of my earliest memories of Grandpa would be those infamous rides with him on the lawnmower with me wearing nothing but a diaper and a smile on my face. These memories range from my joyful lawnmower rides with him in years past to our current weekly Sunday visits down to the lake to visit the horses.

My Grandpa is my hero and I know that no matter what kind of day I have had he can always put a smile on my face. Grandpa is a man of wisdom and honor. I believe that as a young person I have a lot I could learn from my Grandpa.

As a child my Grandpa was never sure that there would be food on the table each meal for him and his siblings. Because of his early childhood he now feels very blessed with the things he has today. After watching my Grandpa, I have learned to appreciate the things that the Lord blesses me and my family with.

In recent years my Grandpa has gotten older and along with getting older comes health problems. He has fallen several times and his balance is off. We have worried about him hurting himself out in the nursery. Despite the fact that my Grandpa’s health has declined in recent years he has still kept his steadfast work ethic. My Grandpa has always had a love for working and being outside. He is not content until the job is finished. If there were more people in this country like my Grandpa this world would be a lot better of a place

Even while laying in his hospital bed a few weeks ago Grandpa found a way to cheer us up and make us laugh. His fun loving spirit during this stressful time encourages me to look for the best in each situation I encounter in life.

On a daily basis he puts others before himself. He is always interested in what is going on in my life and willing to help with whatever project I have going on. My Grandpa’s compassion for others inspires me every day to be like him.

I believe I can learn a lot by watching those who have had more experience than me.


Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Well this seems to just be the week for birthdays! lol. Kyle's on Tuesday then my best friends birthday was on Tuesday and now today is Forrest birthday!
(Forrest at Bubba's Gump, he told Britt that he was just trying to fit the part of Forrest)
But this post is for my favorite (and only haha) brother-in-law, Forrest Sumner!!! :D
Happy Birthday Bro! I love you so much! You have been such an awesome bro-in-law and friend to me! I have been so blessed to have someone like you as a brother-in-law!!!
You crack me up with your dancing in the car and the little random things you do! Little did I know when I met you that you were this crazy! hahah. There are only a few "privileged" people that see this side of you :P
I love you Forrista!
Your Shish
Oh by the way to my blog readers I am going to try and post again in the next week or so and post my "This I Believe" essay I wrote for English class that I chose to write about my Grandpa. And also I will post about my first day of work at SWI, which is tomorrow!! :D

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Reality is kicking in!

I will not mention any names but it has been brought to my attention numerous times
by a dear sister of my mine that I love oh so much,
*cough* Brittany Nicole Sumner *cough*
that I haven't posted every day like I said I would.

I know I know! I have failed miserably at my daily post in my 75 days of Summer series.
I'm sorry! Things have just gotten so busy here and once Harmony Highlands passed,
I wanted to be able to sit and write all about it but I kept putting it off till eventually more and more things were happening that is was way too much to even begin to try and post about! haha.

But with summer coming to an end very shortly I have a very harsh and sudden reality check that
yes indeed I am a senior and right now I am experiencing my last summer of true freedom. :(

I have very mixed emotions about my senior year.

I am so excited about all the fun senior events that are going to happen and the football games and pep rallys and senior bonfire.
But I also am not looking forward to walking across that stage and getting my diploma and posing for that cheesy picture with the principal and then stepping out into the real world.

I've always looked forward to graduating with great anticipation as I grew up watching my sister and 2 of my cousins walk across the same stage that I would walk across one day.

But I got to tell ya now that its here I'm kinda scared!

It all kinda hit me recently when I was talking to my best friend about senior year and everything. She got talking about college and all the stuff she had to do in order to get into the college she wanted to, SMU in Dallas, Texas. I suddenly realized holy crapp in a very short time we are graduating and life isnt going to be all about friday night football games! Things are going to change completely. & my best friend who I have always been able to rely on for the past two years isnt going to be just a 15 minute drive away if I need to her to make those awesome break up cookies she makes! :P All the sudden I just broke down in tears thinking about everything changing and not being able to see my close friends every day!

I realize this is all part of growing up but gosh darn it why does it all have to happen so fast?

So I guess all this to say yeah although I love to say "Gosh I cant wait to be done with high school and out of the drama!" (which I'm sure all of you have heard me say on numerous occasions haha) I really am going to miss high school so much and the people that I have grown to know and love the past 4 years. So with that being said I havent forgotten about you dear bloggers! Although senior year is going to be crazy hectic I will try my best to post as much as possible!

But my advice to you if you really want to be in the "IN" crowd get a facebook! haha *Cough* Brittany! *Cough* hahah Love you B!
I will leave you with a very short recap of my summer with a picture from each event. :)
Love yall!
Dollar Movies with Abby and Jeffrey :)
Me and Abby got a little dirty while we were laying sod.

Yearbook Palooza.
Me and Christy had so much fun at that convention!

Little Union July Meeting.
I tell you what I love this group of people dearly. I feel so close to them and I know that no matter what I truly can depend on them to be there for me!

Harmony Highlands.
(I have sooo many more pictures of this week so if you want to see them or any of my other summer pictures look on facebook and if you dont have one let me know and i will send you the link to look at them)

FCA Leadership Beach Trip

Coastal Georgia Fellowship Meeting.
Me and Caroline shared an adjoining room with her parents and had an absolute blast. This is us being lazy and creative eating breakfast in bed and watching Julie&Julia. :)

Babysitting the kiddos and making forts and watching movies.

Me and Abby's crazy hair sleepovers. :)

Surprising Abby and picking her up at the airport after she was in Michigan for 3 weeks.


Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 9: 75 Days of Summer

Harmony Highlands is the best week out of the whole entire year!
Sunday is the day I will be seeing all the awesome people I have missed oh so much in the past year at Harmony Highlands!!
I have finally finished packing for Harmony Highlands!
I'm just a tad bit excited about HH! I mean come on who wouldnt be??
So needless to say I wont be posting blogs daily next week due to me spending the most awesome week of the whole year with the most awesome people in the whole entire universe!! (:
(If ya cant tell I'm just a little excited!!)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 8: 75 days of Summer

I spent the morning packing stuff for 'Bama with Mom. We also finished my gator blanket that momma has been working on and then I went to an FCA end of the year party with Aaron. We had alot of fun! Me and Aaron played pool and that was very interesting! haha I had never played pool before so he had to teach me how to play and we will just say it was my first time and leave it at that! hahaha. :P Then I came home and packed some more! haha. (:

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 7: 75 Days of Summer!

Today I went over to Abby and Jeffrey's house to hang out for a little bit. They are leaving to go up to Michigan tomorrow morning and Jeffrey will only be gone for a week but Abby will be up there for 3 weeks so we wanted to hang out just one more time before she left! (As if we arent always with each other! hahah) We just chilled and I helped her finish packing her stuff and helped Aaron pack up his stuff! haha. I discovered that it is very interesting and entertaining to help a 7 year old boy pack! haha NOTHING matches and he wants to wear pants when it's so hott outside! (: I love that boy!

After I left their house I came back home and did some more packing for 'Bama and helped Momma finish up the Gator blanket she is making me for next week! (: Tonight I just got back from going to church with Aaron. It was really great! Mrs KC talked about how we need to "strip" everything away that is keeping us from building up a strong relationship with God. (:

Only 2 more days till I leave for Alabama!! I'm pretty excited! ;)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 5 & 6: 75 days of Summer!

Yesterday was another errand day! Me and Momma are headin to Alabama next week for Harmony Highlands! So I had to go clothes shopping for some new clothes! (: Momma was starting to freak out because I had yet to start packing anything for next week. haha. I like to live on the fly and do things at the very last minute ya know?? haha

I spent the day with my little man Paul! I love babysitting him and playing with him! I love the age he is at right now, he is old enough where he can interact with you and get around by himself but before that oh so wonderful terrible two's! He is such ham and is so stinkin' cute! The scary thing is he knows it! haha. After I got done babysitting I went to go get my haircut! It has been forever since I have gotten it cut! I am deff happy to say goodbye to my long hair and hello to nice cool short hair for the summertime! (:

Day 3 & 4: 75 Days of Summer!

Saturday was basically spent "covering up what we did the day before", as Momma likes to say. We also visited Granny in the hospital and then Daddy got off work and we went to the Childers to drop stuff off that they left at the house and wound up staying over there for like an hour haha Saturday was pretty uneventful!
(This is a picture from a month ago but i love it)
Sunday was great as always because I was blessed to get to go to church and see all the members and fellowship with them and see how there week has been. It is a truly amazing feeling knowing that you have such a unified body of people as your support system that are always there for you!

Day 1 & 2: 75 days of summer!

So I'm going to try a new thing on my blog where I post a short little paragraph about what happened in my day and a picture to go with it! I got the idea from the "365 project" that is the new fad on facebook these days! I figured I would be more likely to find time to post if I knew that all I was posting was a short paragraph rather than my usual 5 paragraph essay! hahah jk So I am going to start out this summer and see how well I can keep up with it and if I can then I will probably continue it on through the school year! (:

Thursday was the 1st day of summer. We ran some errands the main part of the day and got stuff for my party and then we went up to the hospital to visit Granny (she was admitted into the hospital on Monday, the same day that I was in the ER because of my foot, if you dont know the story about my foot then look on facebook or just ask me, because she had pnuemonia which later turned into the flu but she is out of the hospital now and doing better). Then we came back home just in time to leave and go with Jeffrey to my best friend Katie's summer party. (: We had alot of fun and played BS, which I will add I won the first two games but then everybody caught on to me and realized I was lying so the next round they started calling me out! haha. After the party me and Rey went to his house to pick up Abby and then came back to my house so Abby could spend the night and help decorate my cake for my party. We pulled an all-nighter decorating the cake. Then finally around 1 we finished and crashed on the couch! (:

On Friday, we got up and started getting ready for the party. Jeffrey came over and helped set up the slip-n-slide and all that fun stuff. Before we knew it it was party time! We had a great time swimming, playing the Wii and going on the slip-n-slide, which proved to be very interesting for me due to my foot because I didnt want to risk hurting it more. hahah. We all started getting hungry and tired after all the swimming and running around so we got out and had cake and ordered pizza (I know! I know! We had our meal a little backwards but hey we are only young once right?!?) After we ate we all went inside the house and out of the heat and opened presents and then watched IronMan. Well some of us (well maybe just me haha) took an afternoon nap. I dont know what it is but something about swimming makes me so tired! After most of the people left, Jeffrey pulled out his new prized posession his AirSoft gun. He lvoes that thing and brought it over because he knew Papa Bear would love shooting it. We made a target and away we went. Rey and Dad fired off round after round and then I shot the gun and even Momma shot it a few times.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Our time to shine

(Me and Jeffrey with our shirts that we designed and made)
Finally the day I have been waiting with great anticipation these past 4 years has finally come and gone! and Boy oh boy did it feel great! haha.

(The Senior Class of 2011)

Seniors last day of school last Thursday which means that the Class of 2011 has to step it up and we become SENIORS! (:

(Me and Katie)

We all made our own shirts and wore them and we had a blast!

(The 3 yearbook editors for next year.)


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oh the fun we will have

So GradBash was a blast!!! It was a very long but awesome night! It was packed and the lines were so long!
The group after riding Jaws.

It's so funny how a few years ago I was terrified of riding Jaws and now I ride it and I'm like what the heck I was scared of this??? haha. The Hulk had a 140 minute wait people thats insaneeeee! So needless to say we didnt get to ride the Hulk or Dueling Dragons! We got back to the school at 3 or 4 on Saturday morning! The bus ride to GradBash was very loud and crazy! The bus ride back was quite the opposite! Everybody was dead tired and we all fell asleep! haha

Jeffrey had his birthday party and we had a great time! We watched IronMan and then went outside in the yard and sat by the fire and made snowcones and threw the frisbee around and got blinded by the flash of my camera every 2 seconds when Aaron would take a picture! haha. Ohhhhh Gotta love little brothers! (: Me, Nick, Abby & Tonyloaf (:

haha This little boy is crazy! He is the closest thing to a little brother that I have! & He deff. does a good job at being the little brother!

They are basically the bestest friends ever! haha. Mom and Mrs Mary (or Mom 2 as I call her) have gotten to be the best of friends lately and often will talk during the day while we are at school and just catch up with each other! haha.