Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oh the fun we will have

So GradBash was a blast!!! It was a very long but awesome night! It was packed and the lines were so long!
The group after riding Jaws.

It's so funny how a few years ago I was terrified of riding Jaws and now I ride it and I'm like what the heck I was scared of this??? haha. The Hulk had a 140 minute wait people thats insaneeeee! So needless to say we didnt get to ride the Hulk or Dueling Dragons! We got back to the school at 3 or 4 on Saturday morning! The bus ride to GradBash was very loud and crazy! The bus ride back was quite the opposite! Everybody was dead tired and we all fell asleep! haha

Jeffrey had his birthday party and we had a great time! We watched IronMan and then went outside in the yard and sat by the fire and made snowcones and threw the frisbee around and got blinded by the flash of my camera every 2 seconds when Aaron would take a picture! haha. Ohhhhh Gotta love little brothers! (: Me, Nick, Abby & Tonyloaf (:

haha This little boy is crazy! He is the closest thing to a little brother that I have! & He deff. does a good job at being the little brother!

They are basically the bestest friends ever! haha. Mom and Mrs Mary (or Mom 2 as I call her) have gotten to be the best of friends lately and often will talk during the day while we are at school and just catch up with each other! haha.


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  1. Sounds like you've had a really fun birthday month! Can't wait to see you on Saturday!