Thursday, April 22, 2010

I gotta feeling, that tonights gonna be a good night!

So prom was awesome!!! I had so much fun! We had a great time getting ready at the hotel, then going to Dowtown Disney to take pictures and eating at Rainforest Cafe and then over to the Dolphin for more pictures then eventually to prom!! (:
Wow! I only thought things were crazy before! Now they are even crazier! These past 2 weeks have been a whirlwind of events, constantly on the go from one place to another! I have had a blast the whole time but I am deff ready for things to settle down and to have at least a few hours to rest and relax and just be alone! haha Is that too much to ask for?
Hopefully after this weekend things will get back to somewhat normal around here! But before that can happen I have:

GradBash from 5:30 on Friday night till 3 on Saturday morning!

Art & Foliage Festival in Apopka sometime between when I wake up Saturday morning/afternoon till 4 haha

Babysitting at 4

Jeffrey's Birthday Party at 7 till 11

Church on Sunday!

Oh man! I'm getting tired just thinking about all I have to do! :( But I know that I'm going to have so much fun at all this stuff!

Within the past two days I have celebrated the birthdays of 2 of my favorite boys in the whole boy! Nicholas's birthday was yesterday and Jeffrey's birthday was today!

On Tuesday afternoon during yearbook, Mom met me up at the school to help decorate Nick's car in the student parking lot and surprise him! It turned out really cute and he loved it! (: Wednesday night, I went out to eat with Nick and his family and then went back to his house for cake and open presents!

Me and Nick by his car
The Birthday Boy by his car!
Nick wants to be a firefighter so I got him a firefighter hat and then just another random thing I did was got him that ribbon! (:

Nick getting ready to blow out his candles! (:

Stephen (Nick's little brother) wouldnt look at the camera! haha

Wednesday after school, Jeffrey and Abby gave me a ride home to walk the dogs and then over to Dianne's house to babysit. While we were at the house, me and Abby used the left over window paint we had from Nick's car and went to town on Rey's car (since his birthday was the next day) Of course being the awesome loving sisters we are we had to right something semi embarassing! (:

Me&Abby (:

Today was our Groovy 60's party in my history class! We had to dress up as a hippie and we brought in food and had a little party! (:

Me & Jeffrey have been friends for the past 3 years and have gotten to know each other really well and have become like brother and sister! So of course what else is a sister to do for her big brother on his birthday other than embarass the heck out of him?? (: We went out and got him a birthday cake hat, a sash that says "Birthday Diva" and then a little ribbon that says "Kiss Me! Its my Birthday!" Rey has never been shy so of course he loved it all! (: Its crazy to think that we met each other freshman year in Chemistry and now here we are 3 years later fighting like crazy about stupid stuff like brother and sister but I know that no matter what Jeffrey and Abby will always be there for me! (:


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  1. You better have gotten a venus fly trap at the foliage festival!