Thursday, September 23, 2010

Precious Memories

This one is for my Grandpa who I love so very much! :)
My life for the past 17 years has been filled with countless memories at my Grandpa's house sharing laughter and love. I have always looked forward to the Sunday afternoons at Grandpa and Grandma's house every week.

One of my earliest memories of Grandpa would be those infamous rides with him on the lawnmower with me wearing nothing but a diaper and a smile on my face. These memories range from my joyful lawnmower rides with him in years past to our current weekly Sunday visits down to the lake to visit the horses.

My Grandpa is my hero and I know that no matter what kind of day I have had he can always put a smile on my face. Grandpa is a man of wisdom and honor. I believe that as a young person I have a lot I could learn from my Grandpa.

As a child my Grandpa was never sure that there would be food on the table each meal for him and his siblings. Because of his early childhood he now feels very blessed with the things he has today. After watching my Grandpa, I have learned to appreciate the things that the Lord blesses me and my family with.

In recent years my Grandpa has gotten older and along with getting older comes health problems. He has fallen several times and his balance is off. We have worried about him hurting himself out in the nursery. Despite the fact that my Grandpa’s health has declined in recent years he has still kept his steadfast work ethic. My Grandpa has always had a love for working and being outside. He is not content until the job is finished. If there were more people in this country like my Grandpa this world would be a lot better of a place

Even while laying in his hospital bed a few weeks ago Grandpa found a way to cheer us up and make us laugh. His fun loving spirit during this stressful time encourages me to look for the best in each situation I encounter in life.

On a daily basis he puts others before himself. He is always interested in what is going on in my life and willing to help with whatever project I have going on. My Grandpa’s compassion for others inspires me every day to be like him.

I believe I can learn a lot by watching those who have had more experience than me.


Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Well this seems to just be the week for birthdays! lol. Kyle's on Tuesday then my best friends birthday was on Tuesday and now today is Forrest birthday!
(Forrest at Bubba's Gump, he told Britt that he was just trying to fit the part of Forrest)
But this post is for my favorite (and only haha) brother-in-law, Forrest Sumner!!! :D
Happy Birthday Bro! I love you so much! You have been such an awesome bro-in-law and friend to me! I have been so blessed to have someone like you as a brother-in-law!!!
You crack me up with your dancing in the car and the little random things you do! Little did I know when I met you that you were this crazy! hahah. There are only a few "privileged" people that see this side of you :P
I love you Forrista!
Your Shish
Oh by the way to my blog readers I am going to try and post again in the next week or so and post my "This I Believe" essay I wrote for English class that I chose to write about my Grandpa. And also I will post about my first day of work at SWI, which is tomorrow!! :D