Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Well this seems to just be the week for birthdays! lol. Kyle's on Tuesday then my best friends birthday was on Tuesday and now today is Forrest birthday!
(Forrest at Bubba's Gump, he told Britt that he was just trying to fit the part of Forrest)
But this post is for my favorite (and only haha) brother-in-law, Forrest Sumner!!! :D
Happy Birthday Bro! I love you so much! You have been such an awesome bro-in-law and friend to me! I have been so blessed to have someone like you as a brother-in-law!!!
You crack me up with your dancing in the car and the little random things you do! Little did I know when I met you that you were this crazy! hahah. There are only a few "privileged" people that see this side of you :P
I love you Forrista!
Your Shish
Oh by the way to my blog readers I am going to try and post again in the next week or so and post my "This I Believe" essay I wrote for English class that I chose to write about my Grandpa. And also I will post about my first day of work at SWI, which is tomorrow!! :D

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  1. Thanks shish! It was a good day. I could have done without the bubba gump pic broadcasted though! lol

    Is that payback for me getting to go to the Gator game tomorrow? :)