Monday, April 12, 2010

Shopping, Twirling, Singing, Birthday Cake, SplishSplash & Sunshine

Wow! There is never enough time in one day to accomplish all that we may hope to.
Sorry I have neglected blogging lately!
We are busily getting everything ready for prom this coming Saturday! I am so excited!

After many, many, many years of being the little sister and/or cousin and watching Britt, Becca and Rach get all "pretty" and take pictures and go to prom I can finally say "My time is here! & I am the one getting all dressed us up and taking pictures!" (:

So to catch my bloggers up on the going-on's of my life!
A few weeks ago I had my spring break which was very busy but I loved every minute of it! Every day was filled with awesomeness! (:

I went on the bike trail with Nick on Friday, which I posted about in my last post! Then I headed down to Plant City to spend the weekend with Britt and Forrest! I had a great time! I love spending time with them! I have the utmost respect and love for them and they have had such a huge impact on my life! (:

Me & B went shopping on Saturday and had a girls day!
Then that night I went swing dancing for the first time! && I loved it! It was soooo much fun! I cant wait to go back next time! (:

Sunday I went to Little Union and got to chill with my PC crew which is always great! and then after that Britt and Forrest picked me up and we went to Mema's Birthday Party and then we came back home and watched New Moon! (:

Monday I went to go babysitt with Britt! I fell in love with those boys! They are so sweet! I had a great time making memories with Britt and playing with the kiddos! Then I headed back to the A-town and Nick came over to the house and when I opened the door to let him in I see this adorable boy standing there with pink roses in his hand! (: That was the sweetest thing ever!

Tuesday I was back home and went on a photography excursion with some good friends of mine! We had such a fun time & got some awesome pictures! (:

On Wednesday I went bowling with Momma, Nick, Nick's Mom and Stephen. Oh goodness that was crazy! We had a really great time and made countless memories! (:

Thursday was Nicholas day! (:
We went to the pool in his neighborhood and had a picnic by the pool and just let the warm sunshine soak in! (:
We went to go visit my Granny in the assisted living so she could meet him then we went back to his house to hang out!
He gave me this letter/poem he had written and asked me to prom! (: It was so sweet!

Friday me, Momma and Nick headed to the beach for the day!
We had a good time relaxing and playing in the water and making (attempting at least) sandcastles! (:

Look back tomorrow for more updates on what has been going on in my life since I last posted! (: