Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 7: 75 Days of Summer!

Today I went over to Abby and Jeffrey's house to hang out for a little bit. They are leaving to go up to Michigan tomorrow morning and Jeffrey will only be gone for a week but Abby will be up there for 3 weeks so we wanted to hang out just one more time before she left! (As if we arent always with each other! hahah) We just chilled and I helped her finish packing her stuff and helped Aaron pack up his stuff! haha. I discovered that it is very interesting and entertaining to help a 7 year old boy pack! haha NOTHING matches and he wants to wear pants when it's so hott outside! (: I love that boy!

After I left their house I came back home and did some more packing for 'Bama and helped Momma finish up the Gator blanket she is making me for next week! (: Tonight I just got back from going to church with Aaron. It was really great! Mrs KC talked about how we need to "strip" everything away that is keeping us from building up a strong relationship with God. (:

Only 2 more days till I leave for Alabama!! I'm pretty excited! ;)

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