Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 5 & 6: 75 days of Summer!

Yesterday was another errand day! Me and Momma are headin to Alabama next week for Harmony Highlands! So I had to go clothes shopping for some new clothes! (: Momma was starting to freak out because I had yet to start packing anything for next week. haha. I like to live on the fly and do things at the very last minute ya know?? haha

I spent the day with my little man Paul! I love babysitting him and playing with him! I love the age he is at right now, he is old enough where he can interact with you and get around by himself but before that oh so wonderful terrible two's! He is such ham and is so stinkin' cute! The scary thing is he knows it! haha. After I got done babysitting I went to go get my haircut! It has been forever since I have gotten it cut! I am deff happy to say goodbye to my long hair and hello to nice cool short hair for the summertime! (:

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