Sunday, March 21, 2010

Oh Sunshine How you Make Me Smile

So I still am in some what of a disbelief that I'm only a week away from my Spring Break and it is still pretty chilly here! What is up with this??

(Me & Nick got to spend alot of time with Caroline & her boyfriend Stephen at the meeting! )

Seriously people I live in the SUNSHINE STATE!!! Not much sunshinin' going on here lately! haha.

(I love my sister so much! & I miss her like crazy!)

But anyways life has been absolutely amazing for me lately! I have been so incredibly blessed with the family and friends that the Lord has placed in my life!

(Nick & I at church on Saturday. It was so great for him to come with me!)
We have had several awesome weekends around here with our church meeting last weekend and then this weekend Britt and Forrest staying with us and Lauren's bridal shower! (:

Over the next few days I will try to update my blog with all the events that have happened! But today I will try to sum up the weekend of our annual meeting.

I will start off by saying thanks to those who supported Little Zion and attended the meeting. and for those of you who were unable to attend WOW you certainly missed a blessed meeting!
We were blessed all weekend with two awesome preachers who I look to with utmost respect! Elder Hugh Sanders, or as I will most likely wind up referring to him later in the post "Uncle" Hugh, and Elder Jon Mizell were our invited ministers! I love these two men dearly and it was great to be able to sit around and talk with them and have a good time!

(Me & Syd with Jon, Uncle Hugh and Elder Mark)

Jon thanks for the dating philosophy ( or as Jon pronounces it FIL-O-SO-FY! ) and of course Thanks to Uncle Hugh for the wonderful commentary! (:


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