Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I can almost hear the waves crashing on the shore now! (:

So I will most likely be posting on this every day now with pictures from the day or from a recent event! (:
B and Forrest came down this past weekend for Lauren and Michael's bridal shower (click the link to see the post that B did about the shower! All those pictures on the post are mine so I figured I would just link it to hers instead of just posting the same pictures on mine!) The shower was great! & I think everyone had a great time! As always I enjoyed the time I got to spend with Britt and Forrest! I miss having my sister around sooo much! Life is getting busier and busier as the year goes on and I feel like me and B hardly get a chance to talk because either I am busy and cant talk or she is busy and cant talk! So needless to say I love it when we have the opportunity to hang out together!
Daddy playing with his granddog Lex! That dog is so spoiled! Oh my word! Dad loves that little dog! I cant even imagine how he is going to treat grandbabies! hahaha
Tonight I am going out to eat and then to the baseball game with Nick! (: So I will post pictures of that in the next few days!

I have been spending alot of time babysitting these two munchkins! I love them to death! They both have very distinct personalities and I love getting to play with them and watch them grow up right before my eyes! (:

I will be in Plant City from Friday night until Monday night so I'm not sure if I will be posting until after I'm back. So if not I love yall and be safe! (:

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