Thursday, January 14, 2010

Is it Friday yet?

Today was pretty uneventful I guess! Tomorrow exams start......BUM BUM BUM! haha But good news is tomorrow right after school me and my fam will be going down to PC for the weekend! :)) Yay! Oh good news that I kinda supsected but wasnt sure of! Today in yearbook the current senior editors of the yearbook had me and my friend, who was in yearbook with me last year too, help edit the yearbook pages that everybody had made and make changes to them if needed. They are starting to train us to be editors next year! So I'm really looking forward to that! :)

These are the kiddos that I babysitt! Ethan is my little buddy! :)
Goofing off before they went to bed!

Cant get much better than this? :)

Jump for Joy! :)

Today's post was pretty short but once I get back from PC this weekend I'm sure I will have several days worth of pictures! :)



  1. Hey girl!!! Your blog is like no lie, SUPER ADORABLE!!! I LOVE the background and layout and everything. Very cute :) Have fun in Plant City chicka!

  2. Hope all went well with your exams today! See you tonight!